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      Knick 703 Laboratory Conductivity Meter

      Knick 703 Laboratory Conductivity Meter. Measuring from 0.000 µS/cm to 2000 mS/cm; with documentation conforming to GLP

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      Knick 703 Laboratory Conductivity Meter


      • Measuring ranges from 0.000 µS/cm to 2000 mS/cm
      • 1.000 µS/cm ... >1000 mS/cm with one sensor
      • Records for QM documentation according to ISO 9000 and GLP
      • Calibrated analog recorder output, galvanically isolated
      • Sensoface: monitoring of the sensor and equipment
      • Automatic calibration with standard solutions
      • EMC according to NAMUR
      • RS-232 interface for computer and printer
      • Simultaneous display of two measurement values
      • Self-contained clock
      • Leak-proof membrane keyboard
      • Robust housing
      • Protection category IP 54
      • 3-year warranty


      With its numerous safety functions and record printouts at keystroke, the 703 Laboratory Conductivity Meter considerably simplifies this work for you.


      automatically checks the device functions during power-on. Also during operation, a complete instrument check can be carried out at a single keystroke. Here, also display and keypad are checked besides the electrical characteristics.

      Record printouts

      With record printouts of the device self-test, the calibration, and the parameter settings, it is possible (as part of quality management to ISO 9000 and GLP) to document the operability and the regular maintenance and calibration of the meter.


      Sensoface monitors the sensor and measuring equipment and provides information on sensor selection and handling. It reports clock memory loss and requests regular checks in accordance with GLP.


      Unknown cell constants can easily be determined with a standard calibration. The meter automatically takes the TC of the calibration solution into consideration,
      calculates the cell constant and displays it. Of course, a known cell constant can also be entered directly.

      Analog output

      The galvanic isolation of the recorder output prevents the measured
      values from being influenced by the connected peripherals. Measurement continues unimpaired.


      EMC design protects the meter from electromagnetic interferences, ensuring reliable measurement
      results even under unfavorable conditions.
      This makes the Model 703 the first laboratory conductivity meter that completely fulfills the EMC recommendations of NAMUR.
      The Model 703 offers a wide range of practical features to meet the numerous requirements of everyday measuring tasks.
      Automatic switchover to 4-electrode or 2-electrode operation
      With the Model 703 you can use either 4-electrode or 2-electrode sensors. The measuring input is automatically switched to the appropriate operating mode.

      Temperature compensation manual or automatic

      Temperature compensation takes place either automatically with Pt 1000/NTC 30 kOhm temperature probes or manually.

      Standard RS 232 interface

      Via the standard RS 232 interface your data can be immediately processed by a computer. Even direct output to a printer is no problem.

      GLP records at the press of a key

      Records of the parameter setting, calibration, and device diagnostics can be output directly to a printer. This provides you with comprehensive GLP-compatible documentation at the press of a key.

      Automatic adjustment of display range

      The meter automatically selects the display range with the greatest possible resolution. Of course, the desired display range can also be specified manually.

      Easy-to read LED display for two measured values

      The large, bright LED display allows simultaneous readout of two measured values, such as conductivity and temperature. The 14-segment display can show alphanumeric characters.

      Double insulation provides electrical safety in wet locations

      The well-designed enclosure has proved successful in practical use.
      A waterproof membrane keyboard and drain grooves protect the meter from moisture. The robust, stainless steel covered enclosure resists even strong mechanical stress.

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