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      Knick 765 Laboratory pH Meter

      Knick 765 Laboratory pH Meter

      Equipped with an exemplary package of safety functions


      • Fullcheck automatic device test
      • Records for QM documentation according to ISO 9000 and GLP
      • Trueline calibrated analog recorder output, galvanically isolated
      • Sensor monitoring with Sensoface icon alerts
      • Automatic calibration with patented Calimatic
      • EMC according to NAMUR
      • Sensor statistics
      • RS-232 interface for computer and printer
      • Displaymatic
      • Two user-defined measured values displayed simultaneously
      • Dead-stop operation
      • Self-contained clock
      • Leak-proof membrane keyboard
      • Robust housing
      • IP 54 protection
      • 3-year warranty

      To make reliable pH measurements easier than ever, Knick has equipped the Model 765 Laboratory pH Meter with an exemplary package of safety functions.


      automatically checks the device functions during power-on. Also during operation, a complete instrument check can be carried out at a single keystroke.
      Here, also display and keypad are checked besides the electrical characteristics.

      Record printouts

      With record printouts of the device self-test, the calibration, and the parameter settings, it is possible (as part of quality management to ISO 9000 and GLP) to document the serviceability and the regular maintenance and calibration of the unit.


      checks the electrode and provides information on the electrode condition. The zero, slope, response time, and glass impedance of the electrode as well as the calibration
      interval are evaluated. Calimatic automatically recognizes the right buffer. It allows calibration at the stroke of a key, providing ease of use and – above all – safety.
      You simply immerse the electrode in two buffers of the selected set, no matter which one you take first, and press the cal key. The meter automatically recognizes the buffer and calibrates itself.
      It does not matter which buffer solution is taken first.


      delivers a calibrated analog recorder signal, of course electrically isolated. This provides you with a true pH signal, calibrated for the electrode and without disturbing quantizing
      levels, permitting undistorted recording of pH curves.


      Robust gold plated sockets are standard equipment.


      EMC design protects the meter from electromagnetic interferences, ensuring reliable measurement results even under unfavorable conditions.
      Numerous practical features allow comfortable and safe pH measurement.

      Temperature compensation manual or automatic

      Temperature compensation is either automatic with Pt 100 or Pt 1000 temperature probes or manual, as selected.

      Standard RS 232 interface

      Via the standard RS 232 interface your data can be immediately processed by a computer. Even direct output to a printer is no problem.

      Displaymatic for easier reading

      Displaymatic facilitates readout. If the measured signal changes rapidly, the running characters are blanked in order to allow easy reading. This allows you to read the currently measured value without problems.

      Easy-to read LED display for two measured values

      The large, bright LED display allows simultaneous readout of two measured values, such as pH and temperature. LED display for alphanumeric characters allows.

      Double insulation provides electrical safety in wet locations

      The well-designed enclosure has proved successful in practical use. A waterproof membrane keyboard and drain grooves protect the meter from moisture. The robust, stainless steel covered enclosure resists even strong mechanical stress.

      Knick 765 Laboratory pH Meter