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      Knick Memosens SE 101-MS pH Sensor

      The Knick SE 101-MS pH Sensor is a robust pH sensor with plastic body, digital, with Memosens technology

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      Knick Memosens SE 101-MS PH SENSOR

      Facts and Features

      • Perfect galvanic isolation thanks to Memosens technology
      • No influence of humidity in the connector
      • Can be precalibrated
      • Digital data transfer
      • Integrated sensor diagnostics
      • Integrated temperature detector
      • 2 ceramic junctions
      • Robust design with polysulfone plastic body
      • Special pH glass with low imped-ance; also suitable for measure-ments at low temperatures

      The SE 101-MS offers significant advantages with regard to handling and robustness as a result of contactless, digital Memosens technology. In addition, its polysulfone plastic body makes it highly suitable for environ-mental measurements and water management.

      Media with solid components, water, wastewater, environmental measurements



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