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      Knick Memosens SE 100 N pH Sensor

      The Knick Memosens SE 100 N pH Sensor is a robust pH sensor with plastic body, digital, with Memosens technology

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      Knick Memosens SE 100 N PH SENSOR

      This liquid-filled sensor is designed for tough daily use in the lab. The sensor is ideal for rapid sample change and low sample temperatures. It also fits in an Erlenmeyer flask.

      The integrated temperature sensor automatically compensates the pH measurement for temperature variations when the sensor is used in samples at different temperatures.


      • pH/Pt 1000 sensor
      • Connection: DIN coax connector and 4 mm banana plug
      • Body material: glass
      • Body length: 170 mm
      • Body diameter: 12 mm
      • Junction: ceramic
      • Temperature sensor: Pt 1000
      • Electrolyte: 3 mol/l KCl
      • pH measurement range: 0 ... 14
      • Temperature range: -5 ... 100 °C

      SE 100 N pH Sensor


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