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      Knick Portavo

      Knick Portavo are the first portables with Memosens technology for measuring pH / ORP, conductivity and oxygen come from Knick:

      Knick is the only provider of mobile, portable meters for hazardous locations. Suitable for use in industry, in the lab, for environmental protection, food processing, as well as water or waste-water treatment.

      Portavo is available with graphical color display, data logger, USB port, and Li-ion battery.
      The ultra-flat yet robust housing is protected against strong jets of water and fits comfortably in the hand.
      The integrated sensor quiver protects the sensor against drying out.

      Portavo Selection matrix

      Portavo 908 Multi

      Portable Memosens-based measuring device for the analysis of liquids with direct printer control

      Knick Portavo 907 Multi

      Portavo 907 Multi

      Multi-parameter portable device for Memosens pH, conductivity and oxygen sensors.

      Knick ATEX portavo 904

      Portavo 904 Cond

      Knick Portavo with Memosens technology for measuring pH, conductivity and oxygen. Also for hazardous area

      Knick ATEX portavo 904

      ATEX Portavo 904 X

      Knick Portavo 904 X. The world's only portable device with Memosens technology for liquid analysis with ATEX approval for measurements up to zone 0/1. Ideal for applications in the process industry

      Knick portavo 902-3

      Portavo 902

      The basic version for mobile conductivity measurement

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