SOR flow switches have proven to be workhorses in the process instrumentation industry. They are ruggedly built to exacting standards and provide long-lasting service. Our flow switches can be used in a wide range of pipe sizes and process configurations.  Mechanical vane type switches are designed specifically for liquid process medias.  Our electronic instruments can detect both liquid and gas process flow and are field selectable and adjustable.

OEM Flow Switches

Vertically mounted, vane-operated flow switches are suitable for plant and OEM applications where open or closed contacts are required to signal flow or no flow conditions. The vane extension arm moves a magnet that actuates (de-actuates) a hermetically sealed reed switch, which is encapsulated in the body of the unit, out of the fluid path. Decreasing the flow below the calibration point causes the reed switch to de-actuate.


Thermal Differential Flow Switches

Thermal Differential Switches use a thermal differential technique to measure liquid flow, level or interface by sensing changes in the thermal heat transfer characteristics of the media where it is located. The sensor consists of a pair of matched Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) encased in twin 316 series stainless steel tubes. One RTD is self heated using a constant DC current.


Vane Operated Flow Switches

Vane actuated switches are designed for direct sensing of liquid flow in pipelines. These switches are designed for vertical mounting only. Minimum line pressure loss is provided by vane position at actuation.