Adjustable Dead Band Explosion Proof Pressure Switch


Models: DMP305X-TST-S

Ranges: -40 kPa to +40 kPa thru -100 kPa to +40 MPa
Certifications: Unit: CSA, SIL; Snap Switch: ATEX, CSA, TestSafe (SAA), UL
Warranty: 2 Years

The 1800 Series Pressure Transmitter, model DMP305X-TST-S is well suited for intrinsically safe applications or conventional transmitter installations where a compact footprint is impractical.

All DMP305X-TST-S pressure transmitters include external push-buttons for device setup and calibration. If ordered with HART® output they can also be programmed with a HART® communicator.

2-valve manifolds are also available for 1800 Series gauge pressure transmitters.

  • 4-20 mA output
  • Optional HART® communication protocol
  • Standard ±0.075% accuracy (URL)
  • Aluminum explosion proof housing
  • Optional integral LCD display
  • EMC (EMI/RFI) protection
  • ATEX / IECEx certified for intrinsically safe and flameproof applications
  • CSA certified for explosion proof applications


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