Nuclear Qualified Differential Pressure Switches

SOR is one of the only pressure switch manufacturers to offer a full line of nuclear qualified pressure, differential pressure, vacuum and temperature switches. SOR has a 10CFR50 Appendix B quality program, and we accept 10CFR21. You can count on our commitment to supply high-quality nuclear instrumentation products that perform in both harsh and mild environments, whether it is for replacement switches or new plant design. In addition, SOR can provide solutions to your specific application needs through custom engineering or modifications to our existing products.

Nuclear Qualified Pressure Switches

SOR nuclear-qualified pressure switches remain relevant in today’s ageing power plants. Our engineering has proven to be a “go-to” resource because we have been involved since the beginning. We specialise in replacement units as well as new-build units and are happy to work with your engineers to help design pressure switches to meet unique and special needs.

Nuclear Qualified Temperature Switches

The most popular SOR nuclear qualified pressure instruments can also serve as temperature switches with a few modifications. Each switch is engineered to your specifications and thoroughly tested for quality of construction and performance before shipment. They meet the strict requirements of the nuclear power generation industry and may be mounted directly or in a remote location.

Engineered Solutions for the Nuclear Power Industry

Our engineering expertise is specifically targeted to meet the unique demands of the nuclear power generation industry and provide solutions for obsolescence issues and improve process efficiency. We call it custom engineering and today we build a variety of 1E-qualified mechanical pressure, vacuum, temperature and differential pressure switches to meet your specifications.


Each year, inspectors from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) visit SOR Inc. It’s their job to make sure that our manufacturing processes meet stringent goals for product quality and employee safety. SOR has earned the ISO 9001:2015 certification each year for the past decade. ISO certification ensures that we’re doing things right for our employees while creating the highest quality products for our customers.

Additionally, many other products are approved for ordinary locations and hazardous locations. Various protection concepts used include Intrinsically Safe (IS) and explosion-proof/flameproof.

SOR offers Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certified products for its entire range of switches. SIL pressure and level switches are certified to the IEC 61508 safety standard.

SOR also regularly undergoes nuclear audits by NUPIC, NIAC and TSSA (CSA M 285.0).

As part of our commitment to quality, service and delivery, SOR Inc. holds the following:


Nuclear Certifications and Audits