Pressure Switches and Transmitters

      We offer a wide selection of Pressure switches and transmitters primarily to the chemical, oil and gas, power and nuclear industries

      Pressure Transmitters

      “Set it and forget it” reliability makes SOR pressure transmitters perfect for applications when space is tight. Our stainless steel construction stands up to the rigors of hostile environments and hazardous locations. Available with either 4-20mA or 1-5 VDC outputs and with adjustable ranges for pressure transmitters.

      SOR pressure transmitters are designed for use in hazardous conditions and hostile environments. Their rugged and compact design provides an instrument perfect for use in tough locations where space is limited. The recently introduced 815PT smart pressure transmitter with HART®7 and ModBus® RTU is just one example from the 800 series of how SOR is bringing technology and durability together.


      Dependable and field proven

      • Top performance for reliable accuracy
      • Global agency listings
      • Rugged housing designs
      • More than two decades of proven performance

      Comprehensive product line

      • Variety of models from simple to sophisticated measurements
      • Stainless steel or ceramic sensors
      • Wide variety of pressure ranges
      • Hermetically sealed models for tough conditions

      Compact and economical

      • Low cost
      • Compact design for tight spaces
      • Field adjustable models
      • No charge for factory calibration

      Engineered to Your Specifications

      • All SOR pressure transmitters may be customized to meet your specific requirements - talk to an SOR factory Sales Engineer or your local Representative about your needs

      Pressure Switches

      SOR pressure switches are field-proven, low cost process instruments for use in either primary or redundant pressure applications in a wide variety of industries. Even though the technology is proven by the original Static “O” Ring mechanical switches that set industry standards more than 50 years ago, we continue to expand our product offerings to meet changing industry needs. SOR pressure switches are designed and offered with a number of agency approvals, housing enclosures and switching configurations to meet the demands of global markets. The large selection of product components provides the optimal instrument specifications to handle the toughest of applications.

      When it comes to pressure switches, one size does not fit all. SOR will engineer a pressure switch to meet your individual needs using components such as switching elements, diaphragm systems and pressure ports specifically selected for your application. The Mini-Hermet – explosion proof pressure/compound pressure switch provides the trusted SOR pressure sensing assembly hermetically sealed in an explosion proof steel capsule.

      Known as one of the most flexible products, SOR differential pressure switches are available in weatherproof and explosion proof configurations to best match the application. Most models are safety certified to IEC 61508 (SIL) for non-redundant use.


      Our pressure switches are designed for high performance

      • Engineered with tight tolerances
      • High resolution of set points
      • High repeatability
      • Narrow dead band
      • Negligible temperature effect

      Engineered to your specifications

      • All pressure switches may be customized to meet your specific requirements
      • Wide selection of wetted parts – cost of purchase is less expensive by eliminating secondary components such as a seal
      • A variety of process connections and sizes 

      Built tough and field proven

      • Rugged, high-cycle rate of tolerance, long life, vibration resistant
      • Excellent corrosion resistance – performs in harsh environments
      • Simple installation

      Safety Certified to IEC 61508 (SIL)

      • Most pressure switch models meet requirements for non-redundant use in SIL1 and SIL2 Safety Instrumented Systems

      Worldwide service and fast delivery

      • Factory Sales Engineers & Representatives provide prompt service
      • Emergency shipments sent same day air

      Long lasting and cost effective

      • Saves at the purchase – no extra parts to order
      • No charge for factory calibration
      • Modular design
      • No periodic service required
      • 3 year warranty – one of the longest in the industry