The SENSOR Remote Well Monitoring and Control System has a flexible design to provide a multitude of options using off-the-shelf components. Data can be collected wirelessly using communication protocols such as HART® and Modbus into a central control panel that is SENSOR manufactured using “plug-and-play” devices. Systems can be designed for monitoring and controlling the wellhead, separator, tankbattery, or flow metering system independently, or provided in any combination to produce a comprehensive remote well monitoring and control system

Adjustable Dead Band Explosion Proof Pressure Switch


Models: DM200

Minimize downtime and lost production
Reduce costs
Increase safety and compliance
Improve operational performance

The DM200 Series Data Monitoring Systems are truly turnkey. They can be designed in may size configurations and can include all Human-Machine Interface (HMI) programming and design, alarming, calculations, and control algorithms.

Hardware is key to reliable SCADA operations

  • SOR Controls Group world-class pressure, temperature and level instruments
  • Where other manufacturer instruments are required, we select vendors based on our experience and high quality and performance standards
  • Central control panel is SENSOR manufactured using plug-and-play components

Communications collect data and bring it back to a central location

  • HART, Modbus and discrete signals all used
  • Wireless, self-powered site radios available for easy installation and reduced costs
  • Land-line, cellular and satellite communications to the server available

Data collection and reporting are the final piece to make it all worthwhile

  • The client owns the server for full control and peace of mind
  • Both hardware and Cloud based servers available
  • Optional hardware only packages available for users with a preferred data collection network
  • Data is reported via graphical screens representative of actual operations for easy, intuitive monitoring
  • Alarm notification via text and email available and fully customizable


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