The Tank Farm Sampling System (TFSS) utilizes a manual PUSH/PULL pump, flow totalizer and our Basic Bottle Sample System (BBSS) flow-thru sample valve for circulating a representative stream through the sample station and back to the tank. The customer can collect samples in an open bottle or outfit the system with a closed-loop needle system for protecting operators from hazardous vapors when present.

  • Can be utilized in areas where there is NO EXISTING fast loop
  • Utilizes a larger ported BBSS Flow-Thru Sample Valve to accommodate more viscous fluids and line sizes up to 3/4”
  • Hand Pump allows the material to be circulated through the system in order to achieve a representative sample without flowing product to a drain
  • Flow totalizer to indicate total volume circulated through the system to ensure lines from various levels have been properly flushed
  • Standard materials of construction is 316SS, the pump is cast iron and the flow totalizer is aluminum

Standard Design Specifications
Max Pressure - 50 psig
Max Temperature - 120ºF


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