The adjustable dead band pressure switch should be used when there is a requirement for an adjustable and wide dead band between the increasing and decreasing set points.

adjustable dead band pressure switch

Alarm: Hi — Lo
Control: On — Off

Features and Benefits:

• 3-year warranty from date of manufacture
• Safety Certified to IEC 61508 (SIL) SOR products are certified to IEC 61508 for non-redundant use in SIL1 and SIL2 Safety Instrumented Systems for most models. For more details or values
applicable to a specific product, see the Safety Integrity Level Quick Guide (Form 1528).
• Wide adjustable dead band
• Independent adjustments for increasing and decreasing Set Points
• Field adjustable with fine resolution of Set Points
• Instrument quality — high repeatability
• High overrange and proof pressures
• Exceptionally long life
• Not critical to vibration
• Wide selection of wetted parts materials for process compatibility and containment

The SOR Adjustable Dead Band pressure switch incorporates two industry proven Static “O” Ring pressure sensing elements. Media pressure on the areas of the pistons counteracts the forces of the range springs — each adjustable by a separate adjusting nut — and moves the piston shafts to operate the lever assembly which, in turn, actuates and deactuates the electrical switching element. Each pressure sensing element of the Adjustable Dead Band pressure switch is a force balance piston-actuated assembly sealed by a flexible diaphragm and an o-ring that is static. The only wetted parts are the single pressure port, two diaphragms, and two o-rings all indicated with asterisks (*) in this illustration.

adjustable dead band pressure switch