The 805 pressure switch-transmitter is a compact loop-powered pressure switch-transmitter. A supplemental continuous output is also available (either 4-20mA or 1-5VDC). Its rugged construction makes cost of ownership low and it carries a three-year warranty. The SOR® 805 pressure switch-transmitter is suitable for hazardous locations and hostile environments where space is limited. It meets applications where low-cost, discrete and continuous monitoring is preferred. Switch set points and supplemental continuous output zero and span points are field adjusted via SOR Calibration Kit with USB communication cable.


• Compact, 316 Stainless Steel,
explosion proof housing
• Stainless Steel sensor, no o-ring
• Solid state switch output (805QS only)
• 0.25% continuous output accuracy
• Hermetically sealed leads
• LCD Display option available
• EMI/RFI protection
• NEMA 4X, IP 66 housing
• Dual Seal approval
• INMETRO approval
• FM and ATEX certified for hazardous locations in U.S., Canada and Europe

Primary Switch Output (805QS only)
Accuracy:                                                     ±2% URL
Type Normally:                                           Open Solid State Relay
Electrical Rating:                                        30V, 120mA
Temperature Effect:                                   ±2% URL/100oF @ -40 to 176oF

Continuous Output
Accuracy:                                                    ±0.25% URL (BFSL) (Linearity, Hysteresis, and Repeatability)
Turndown:                                                  5:1
Output:                                                       4-20 mA 1-5 VDC option (27mW ± 5mW @ 9 VDC)
Zero Offset:                                                +10% URL
Temperature:                                             ±1% URL/100oF @ -40 to -176oF

Temperature Range:

Compensated:                                           -40 to 176oF (-40 to 80oC)
-40 to 176oF (-40 to 80oC)
-40 to 194oF (-40 to 90oC)

Storage:                                                      -40 to 194oF (-40 to 90oC)
Long Term Stability:                                  < ±0.5% URL per year
Response Time:                                          < 5 ms
Supply Voltage:                                         8-30VDC
Loop Resistance:                                        800 ohms @ 24VDC
Circuit Protection:                                     Reverse polarity and EMI/RFI protected

Construction:                                             316SS housing (CF8M)

Process Connection:                                 1/2” NPT(M) with 1/4” NPT(F) and Autoclave F250C(F) for 1/4” OD tubing

Electrical Connection

Size:                                                            1/2” NPT(M)
Termination                                               18 AWG shielded cable, 72-inch length

(Consult factory for alternate electrical connections)


Wetted Materials

316-SST (for pressure ranges 0-5 psi thru 0-100 psi)
17-4SST (for pressure ranges above 0-100 psi)

Over Pressure

0-5 thru 0-100 psi 3 times FSPR
0-250 thru 0-10,000 psi 2 times FSPR
Up to 30,000 psi 1.4 times FSPR

Burst Pressure

0-5 thru 0-100 psi 4 times FSPR
0-250 psi 40 times FSPR
0-500 thru 0-1000 psi 20 times FSPR
0-2500 psi 10 times FSPR
0-5000 psi 8 times FSPR
0-10,000 thru 0-15,000 psi 4 times FSPR
0-30,000 psi 1.8 times FSPR

Weight:                                                       1.8 lb (0.8 kg)

Warranty:                                                   3 years

The primary switch output of the 805QS is a “Normally Open Solid State Relay” rated 30V, 120mA. It can be configured 3 ways; as shown below. Switch set point(s) and supplemental continuous output zero and span points are set at the factory as specified by the customer. In all three configurations, the fail-safe state for the 805QS switch output will be open (i.e., if power is removed from the 805QS, the switch contacts will open automatically).


Window Mode Switch is closed when the process pressure is within the user selected range (LO and HI set points), and open when the pressure is above or below that range.

Close on Rise/Open on Fall Switch is open when the process pressure is below the user selected set point and closed when the pressure is above that set point.

Open on Rise/Close on Fall Switch is closed when the process pressure is below the user selected set point and open when the pressure is above that set point.

How to Order

Below is the SOR quick select model number tree that provides you with all the options to configure and order a product for your application.
• You must select a designator for each component
• Reference tables, charts and additional information are provided throughout the catalog to help you make your selections, see pages noted in the tree.


* Only available for range option 04 thru 08
** For pressure ranges above 0-10000psi (range options 10 and 11)
*** Dual Seal version is not hermetically sealed, only available for range options 00 thru 09.
Calibration Kit - Part Number 9231026 (includes hardware and software). This kit allows you to adjust switch set point(s) and zero and span points in the field. The calibration kit does not require any license or registration fees.


FM (U.S. and Canada):

Explosion Proof, Hazardous Locations:       Class I, II, III; Division 1, Groups A-G; T5; Type 4X
Non-incendive:                                            Class I, II, III; Division 2, Groups A-G; T5; Type 4X


Flameproof: II 2 G Ex d IIC T5, IP 66

* Product holds a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) in all provinces, only available for range options 04 thru 09.


Designator  A  S H  Alternate
Description Stainless Steel, 1/2”NPT(M) with 1/4”NPT(F), Process Connection (316SS for ranges -100 si and below) (17-4SS for ranges above 0-100 psi) 316SS, 1/2” NPT(M) flush-mount, liquid filled, diaphragm seal, Process Connection 17-4SS, Autoclave F250C Female (For 1/4”OD Tubing), Process Connection If alternate process connection is required, please consult the factory
Application General applications with process materials not containing heavy particulates that could induce clogging of pressure port. Use when applications contain dirty, sticky or high particulate process material such as paraffin. Use for applications where pressures are greater than 10,000 psi, Standard NPT threads  re not suitable at these high pressures. SOR can provide many other process connections including:
• Thread & port size adapters
• Direct & remote mount diaphragm seals
• Tri-clamp/sanitary fittings
• Flanged
• Other


LCD display

LCD Display “IN” Option
The “IN” LCD display is a low cost option for when a simple local indication is needed. The “IN” option is provided with a 5-digit backlit loop powered LCD display enclosed in an explosion roof housing with terminal block connections inside. For configuring the display, push buttons are provided on the front of the housing. Configuration of the display and transmitter are done separately.


Analog Signal 2 wire:                                         4-20mA
Power Supply (with 805 series transmitter)       16-30 VDC
Permissible Temperature:                                  -20 to +70oC
Accuracy                                                            ≤0.1% F.S.
Digits                                                                 4½ neg; 5 pos

Units Blank, kPa, MPa, Pa, bar, mbar, psi, mH20,
mmH20, cmH20, mmHg, Torr, atm, kg, g,
mg, N, kN, oC, oF, K, %RH, %VOL, PPM, %LEL,
pH, m, cm, mm, inch, m/s, Ω (ohm),
k Ω (kohm), mV, V, L/min, M3/hr


Instrument Connection                                  ½” NPTF
Electrical Conduit Connection                       ¾” NPTF
Housing Material                                          Die-casting Aluminum with chromating and chemically resistant paint
Window Material                                          Glass
Housing Agency Approvals                          FM (US and Canada)

Weight (Display only) ≈2.0 lbs

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